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Supporting AAUW Redding Local Scholarship Program and AAUW National Greatest Needs Fund that addresses issues such as reproductive rights and pay equity for women.

The auction will be open until Tuesday, April 30.

Our goal is to raise $7.500.00

         Art Show and Sale

         Wine Tasting and Sale

         Silent Auction

Empowering Women Through Educational Programs

AAUW Redding Branch, Inc. conducts various activities and events to help women and girls explore their interests and find the confidence to pursue their passion and dream professions. Our women’s empowerment programs include:

  • Art Show and Sale
  • Wine Tasting and Wine Sale
  • Silent Auction

Beneficiaries of the Event

In the past, proceeds from this event have provided nearly 500 scholarships to students graduating from Shasta College who attend a four-year university. Half of the proceeds are awarded to California women finishing advanced degrees.

2023 Conference

The 2023 STEM Conference will be held March 18 at Shasta College.  

Please contact us with any questions or if you want to be notified of the next event. Email us at: [email protected].

Behind the Event

This conference is a collaborative effort between the AAUW Redding Branch, Inc., Shasta College, and the Shasta County Office of Education. We also thank the support of the following sponsors.

What We Offer

Tech Trek are STEM immersion camps that have been designed to help girls engage in science, math, engineering & technology exploration and learning. Studies have shown that girls’ interests can be sustained if they are exposed to the careers available to women in science today. Tech Trek provides some of that exposure.

Each year, AAUW Redding Branch encourages local girls to find their passion in high-tech careers by providing scholarships to attend Tech Trek Camp. The girls are invited to give a brief presentation of their experience at one of the Branch meetings.

Empower Women With Us!

Are you interested in participating in these events? Get in touch with us today and let us know what we can do for you.